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Digital data transformation

We integrate technology and make sense of your data.

“There is no alternative to digital transformation. Visionary companies will carve out new strategic options for themselves — those that don’t adapt, will fail.”  Jeff Bezos


Definition and implementation of a digital strategy

Adoption of a clear digital strategy is a major challenge in remaining competitive.

How do you seize the opportunity offered by new technology to transform IT systems? How can data management create real added value?

Noveo Conseil helps you to build your digital strategy and put it into practice in order to best meet your client needs.

Our approach:

  • Technology monitoring and competitive intelligence: major trends, challenges and opportunities
  • Help to define your digital strategy
  • Analyse available market solutions
  • Define and implement an action plan
  • Post-implementation support: training in new solutions, dissemination of a culture of innovation

Why choose Noveo Conseil ?

  • Benefit from our knowledge of the ecosystem
  • Receive our expert, external perspective on the options available

Selection and implementation of information systems

All too often, information systems are ill suited to the needs of clients and expensive to change.

How do you transform legacy IT systems and harness the opportunity presented by new technology in order to stay competitive and meet your client needs?

Noveo Conseil is committed to responding to changing client expectations and integrating innovative technologies. We work to reduce technical debt and obsolescence in the application portfolio.

Our approach:

  • Identify solutions, manage the tendering process and create a business case for each scenario
  • Organise proof of concepts with the providers identified
  • Analyse operational differences and identify needs and prerequisites
  • Help to implement and manage the change

Why choose Noveo Conseil ?

  • Benefit from a technological transformation strategy based on a precise assessment
  • Rely on an impact assessment and a detailed economic analysis to make decisions
  • Benefit from proven knowledge in IT transformation

Definition of a data strategy

Data management is a considerable challenge. When data is used well, it is a goldmine of information about customer expectations.

Investment in your data management requires definition of a long-term strategy in order to optimise data processing and use.

How do you use advanced data management to increase revenue or mitigate risks?

Noveo Conseil selects solutions that meet client requirements by turning data into information.

Our approach:

  • Identify the data necessary to meet your client requirements
  • Collect and generate the required data
  • Implement a data, indicator and reporting tool

Why choose Noveo Conseil ?

  • Benefit from our knowledge of customer and business requirements
  • Take advantage of a rigorous data identification, collection and processing methodology